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SpiderWriting is a small Edinburgh based company run by Bill Marshall. Bill has been building, running and promoting websites since 1994 and for 8 years was webmaster for Edinburgh bookselling chain James Thin, being involved in all aspects of the site including designing, coding, writing and marketing. In 2002 he was further trained in search engine optimisation at Bigmouthmedia, who are one of the best known SEO companies in the world, and now works closely with Oyster Web - part of the Indicium Web Design Group - who are a key player in the UK SEO market.

Bill combines the skills of web design/development and SEO together with the writing skills of someone who was involved in the book trade for many years, and fervently believes that you must treat a website as a whole in order to make it successful. It should be visually attractive, contain interesting text content, be efficiently and elegantly coded, and easy to navigate and use. If it is all these things then it will be attractive to both users and search engines.

Having also been involved in the music and theatre businesses as a sound engineer and a long-time photography enthusiast, Bill particularly enjoys working with creative people in all fields and believes in maintaining an informed dialogue with all his clients.

Further information about his activities can be found at his web design site and his personal site.


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