A plethora of changes in the search landscape

The other day I was at an internet marketing meetup talk given by a fellow SEO and had time to reflect on the many changes that have occurred in the whole field of search and internet communications and marketing in the last 8 months since I was regularly blogging. The perspective of looking back over that period was both shocking and enlightening.

So where to start on a summary of changes. Even a brief consideration will give us the following:

  • Recent Google layout changes and development
  1. Further inclusion of video, images, news and local results
  2. The Wonder Wheel
  3. More description text
  4. Rich snippets
  • The rise of Twitter
  • Increasing personalisation and localisation of Google search results
  • Mobile search developments
  • Google Chrome browser
  • The canonical tag
  • Wolfram Alpha search engine

Now of course in the last couple of days since I first started writing this post and got interrupted there have been two potentially game-changing events:

  • Google are now able to follow some JavaScript links
  • The way that no-followed links work with regard to PageRank flow has changed

One thing about SEO – it’s never dull or lacking a challenge! And to think some clients still read five year-old advice and then ask why you aren’t doing it.

I’ll be looking at each of these changes in the next few posts – assuming that nothing else even more important crops up in the meantime 😉

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