Just how temporary are blog rankings?

I noticed a curious phenomena in my Google rankings this week. While my general rankings based on the main site are doing well and mostly improving, all the terms that were ranking via this blog have dropped out of sight. Now I haven’t been blogging as much recently due to other committments so now I’m wondering if the drop is simply a Google glitch that will recover as they generally do, or some more fundamental change in the algo that has hit my blog results, or if it’s simply because my content isn’t being updated as quickly as before.

If it’s the latter then I wonder if we’ve all made a rod for our own backs in that we need to keep on writing new articles more and more or face the consequences. As I blogged about in my Coals to Newcastle post I’m reluctant to churn out the same stuff that everyone else is doing because that feels wrong and pointless. On the other hand I’m a bit miffed to find that the top rankings I had forĀ  terms like “Scottish SEO consultant” and which I blogged about in Despairing of Google, have collapsed down to about 280th place.

Anyone else seeing a blog dropping out of the rankings?

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