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Internet Marketing


The term Internet Marketing, while often assumed to be just another means of referring to search engine optimisation, actually covers a much wider range of services, including

  • Newsletter Distribution
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click and other paid systems
  • Social Media Marketing

and various crossover marketing techniques involving combining the use of internet channels with other forms of advertising and promotion.

All of these methods may be suitable for your promotional requirements depending on your budget and what you're trying to achieve. Newsletters and emails can help to foster customer awareness and loyalty if handled correctly, while Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can be very useful for special promotions, targeting keywords that are outside your normal range, or for bridging the gap between the start of a search engine optimisation campaign and the point where the natural listings have risen sufficiently to provide useful traffic. Social Networking has become the latest "in thing" and can generate substantial traffic as well as providing a fine channel for communicating with potential customers, but requires a concerted commitment to continue that communication.

Usability and Conversion Optimisation

Internet Marketing as a general term also covers the subject of ensuring that your site is sufficiently attractive to users to give you a good conversion rate. No matter how much traffic you get to your site through the various promotional methods, if the people who get there find the site confusing, difficult to navigate, or hard to buy from, then they will be likely to go somewhere else. It's very easy to get too close to the site when it's being developed and lose track of how it appears to a user with no experience of how it should work. At SpiderWriting SEO we have considerable experience and accumulated feedback on how people interact with sites and what they expect to be able to do on them, and we can advise on site architecture and structure, as well as on look and feel.


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