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Search Engine Optimisation Audits

A comprehensive report on the search friendliness of your website

Why an SEO Audit may be the best option for you

Even when you're convinced that you need search engine optimisation for your site there are many reasons why you may be hesitant to jump straight into a full SEO project, for example:

  • you may be unsure of the value for money that such work would produce
  • you may feel you don't know enough about the subject to choose an SEO company effectively
  • you may feel you have the skills in-house to do the work if only you knew exactly what to do
  • you may have been given bad or conflicting advice previously and want to ensure that you get it right this time
  • you may want to know more about what will be done to your site before starting

This is where an SEO Audit comes in. Our comprehensive reports will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about your website and a few things you probably never dreamed were important.

What an SEO Audit contains

Some of the things we'll report on include:

  • Technical and geographical aspects of your web server and its responses
  • The validity and efficiency of your site's coding
  • How friendly your navigation system and internal linking is to search engine spiders
  • How the site structure may be affecting search results
  • How effective your site's text content is at attracting both search spiders and users
  • Whether you're chasing the right search terms
  • How effectively your meta information reflects the site content
  • How good your link profile is

By pulling together all this information we can tell you the relative strengths and weakness of your site and where you can most effectively tackle the problems or maximise the benefits. We'll also tell you the things you should and shouldn't do to any site so you'll be forwarned against bad advice in the future.

Armed with this report you can make informed choices about what to do next and where to best spend your SEO and internet marketing budget. To discuss an SEO Audit please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.


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