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How we can teach you to do it yourself

While it's always best to have your website optimised by a professional, we realise that not everyone has sufficient budget to enable then to employ one. One solution to this is to do at least some of the work in-house, but that assumes there is someone in your organisation with the necessary skills. Few people have these skills normally but they can be taught to anyone with the aptitude to mix web design, copywriting, and marketing.

We therefore offer on-site training in SEO where we will spend some time imparting the knowledge we have to one or more of your staff. While we can't turn them into SEO professionals in a few hours we can make sure that they have sufficient understanding to avoid the sorts of mistakes that will kill your rankings, and to make progress with the elements of the site which can be safely optimised without highly specialised knowledge.

We offer training on the following aspects:

  • What can cause spider blocks
  • What types of web design can cause problems
  • Keyword research
  • Optimisation of title and meta tags
  • Optimisation of site structure and navigation systems
  • Text copywriting for maximum relevance and readability

You'll find various tutorials free on this site which will give you an idea of what is involved and how to start going about it.

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