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What Search Engine Optimisation will cost

A guide to prices

The thorny question of cost - which everyone wants to know and nobody wants to tell in case their competitors undercut them!

The first thing to say is that a lot depends on a number of factors including:

  • The current condition of the site and its history
  • The number or keywords that are to be optimised for
  • The degree of difficulty of the particular market that the site is operating in

A site may need completely rebuilt to be search engine friendly, or it may need just a bit or rearrangement of the structure. Lots of keywords mean lots of pages - more work to do. Optimising a site for "Shiatsu treatment Perth" is going to be an awful lot easier than a site for "mobile phones UK".

All this means that each site has to be assessed individually. Having said that there are certain standard situations where there will usually be certain fixed costs that we can indicate an approximate price range for.

For an average site needing a full year's project covering every aspect the prices are likely to be in the region of £2500 - £3200 (spread across the year to some degree) but would depend on the number of keyword phrases required. An element of performance related payment can be negotiated if desired. For a 6 month project it would drop to around £1700 - 2400. Sites in healthier condition which require less work would be negotiable

For an SEO Audit the price is normally £400.

Please contact us to discuss your particular circumstances.


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