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Spiderwriting Search Engine Optimisation offer various online marketing services, both standard and bespoke, and will always consider the individual situation and context before suggesting the best approach.

Full Search Engine Optimisation Projects

In accordance with our beliefs as to the best way to optimise a site, our standard Search Engine Optimisation service incorporates the following:

Technical considerations

  • consideration of server issues
  • full site analysis including consideration of spider blocks
  • re-writing of code to ensure validation and maximum spiderability
  • optimisation of site structure and navigation systems

Research and Textual considerations

  • keyword research and selection
  • targeting of pages to match the selected keywords
  • optimisation of title and meta tags
  • body text copywriting for maximum relevance and readability
  • optimisation of internal link text
  • check for any duplicate content issues

Directories and Linking considerations

  • submission to selected directories
  • research on potential link partners in relevant sites

A continued monitoring, reporting and maintenance service can be incorporated and is recommended.

Link management can also be undertaken where appropriate, although as this is very time consuming and can therefore be expensive it does not normally form part of the standard package.

Website design and development is available through our sister company - Spiderwriting Web Design - and if you are redeveloping your site this allows good SEO practice to be built in from the beginning rather than being imposed onto a framework that may not be search engine friendly.

All of the above sections or individual operations are available separately as a bespoke service, although we recommend a thorough analysis of the site first as there is considerable synergy between them and they may not be effective individually.

SEO Audits and Reports

An option that we are increasingly recommending is to have an SEO audit conducted on your site in order that you have a full understanding of the issues that need addressed. This involves us doing the in-depth analysis that we would do as part of our full SEO service but then documenting what we find in sufficient detail that you will have a clear picture of the current situation and the actions required to improve your site's rankings.

For those with the necessary coding and IT skills in-house and who wish to undertake the work on their site themselves or who have a third party developer who can do it for them, the audit document gives them the information they require.

If, after digesting the document and its recommendations you decide that you want us to undertake the optimisation then there is a far better basis for costing the work and estimating the achievability. As long as you come back to us within a reasonable time then the cost of the audit will be subtracted from the cost of the project.


An encouraging non-guarantee

Search engine results are never guaranteed - quite simply the engines make the rules and they don't tell anyone else what they are. Occasionally they change them too. However our optimisation techniques will generally succeed in vastly improving results for most sites; depending of course on the keywords you aim for and the degree of competition in your market sector. We always try to give a realistic assessment of achievability and if we think a result is impossible then we will say so and decline the contract.

Occasionally a site will prove unexpectedly difficult although usually this is because of some historical problem such as previous unethical seo, duplicate sites or content, or linking to banned sites. Because of this possibility we must be informed of any such instances known to the client. However given an absense of such problems it is very rare that we can't improve ranking substantially.


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