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What we'll be doing

A guide to the tasks involved in SEO projects

The first thing most potential clients ask is "what will you be doing?" Either because they don't know anything about the subject and want to ensure they aren't paying for nothing, or because they are comparing our services with other SEO companies.

While every SEO project is different and will depend on the current position of the site, the majority usually consist of the following tasks:

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword targeting of pages
  • Code rewriting
  • Addition/revision of meta tags
  • Rewriting of text content
  • Structuring of existing text content
  • Addition of extra text content and/or new pages
  • Adjustment of internal navigation
  • Directory submission
  • Addition of new link pages
  • Gradual addition of relevant links (depending on the agreement)

In the longer term there will be monitoring and reporting of the site's performance and adjustment of content and targeting in view of the results.

For a fuller description of this process please see the How to Optimise page

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