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Search Engine Optimisation from Spiderwriting SEO Scotland

SpiderWriting SEO

Internet Consultancy and Search Engine Optimisation in Scotland

In business on the Net? Then you know you need good search engine rankings!
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SEO Information, Service, and Training

In this site you'll find plenty of information about search engines, directories, internet promotion and marketing, and spider-friendly website design. All of it written in an accessible no-nonsense manner so you can gain a good understanding of the issues involved and the processes required to get your site well ranked while remaining within the guidelines of the major search companies.

Despite being portrayed in some quarters as something of a black art, the fundamentals of good Search Engine Optimisation are easily understood. While it's certainly a complex subject and its exact application is often unique to individual websites, we don't believe in clouding the issues. Rather we prefer you to be comfortable with the subject and encourage you if possible to learn as much from this site as time permits before contacting us. We can then discuss your site in an informed manner and get down to helping you as quickly as possible.

Website Reports and SEO Audits

It's unwise to recommend actions and solutions until you understand a site and its requirements so we normally suggest starting with a detailed search engine optimisation audit in order to evaluate all the factors involved and build up a detailed strategy that takes into account the business requirements and marketplace as well as the technical requirements of the site. These audits also have the advantage of giving you a full understanding of the issues involved in applying optimisation to your particular site. They are offered as separate services with no further obligations as well as part of a full SEO project. Full details on the SEO Audits page.


What our Search Engine Optimisation service includes

  • Full site analysis - looking at hosting and server responses, suitability of coding, link profile analysis, content evaluation, meta-content evaluation.
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Re-writing of code to ensure validation and maximum spiderability
  • Optimisation of titles and meta data
  • Optimisation of site architecture and navigation systems
  • Text content copywriting for maximum relevance and readability
  • Advising on link building and social networking

We also recommend a continued monitoring, reporting and maintenance service to evaluate how the site is improving and to take appropriate action to continue that improvement.

Bespoke Search Engine Optimisation services

It is our experience that no two sites are the same or have the same requirements and therefore no two optimisation projects shold be the same. It should also be stressed that successful SEO is almots always a holistic process and best results are obtained when all aspects of a site are working in harmony.


Please enjoy reading the site and contact us if you have any questions or require advice.


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