Get down and Boogie – Google rankings vary dramatically

In the last few weeks I’ve been seeing some extremely variable results in the Google UK rankings. Some competitive search terms have been alternately ranking high and then dropping back by up to 150 places, back up high, back down again. Then at one point, just to confuse us further, any term that included my home town of Edinburgh simply dropped out of the indexes altogether. Weird.

It’s all a bit reminicent of the old days (all of two years ago!) of the infamous Google Dance, when excited and feaful webmasters would tremble at the first mention of it on the forums, knowing that their rankings would go crazy for the next few days. In these days of what Matt Cutts calls Everflux it’s not supposed to happen any more but something seems to be afoot. If anything this is more of a regular oscillation from one set of rankings to another – so my esteemed colleague at Oyster Web, John Hughes,  has christened it the Google Boogie. Just be careful you don’t pull a muscle trying to follow the gyrations 😉


Get down and Boogie – Google rankings vary dramatically — 3 Comments

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  2. Hmm. I get the impression that the data seems reasonably solid in each datacentre. Its when the DC I query changes that I get the results all cocked up. Generally when I check on McDar the top 2 pages seem stable after this the jostling for position seems heightened. First thought would be that they’ve brought a new filter into play – something that is rolling out across DC but has not yet reached them all. Though this could be completely fatuous. Ask Andy I’m sure he’ll draw you a diagram to show whats going on – and once he has email me a copy so I can get a handle on it 🙂

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