Google respidering and the global economy

After the recent episode during which some rankings were bouncing around unpredictably and I theorised that Google was dumping data due to a corruption in their indexes, we now seem to have returned to a rather more stable index with most of the sites I monitor being back to their normal positions or in some cases a little better. The erroneous backlink information seems to have disappeared as well so I suspect that the big reindex has pretty much finished and we are back to the normal everflux situation.

Let’s hope that this year there are no further dramatic shifts of the kind that have occurred leading up to the Christmas period in recent years, or the conspiracy theorists will be out in force again suggesting artificial Adwords boosting. Given the current state of near panic in the financial markets the world economy could do with a stable and prosperous festive period.
Which raises an interesting thought – one search engine, which didn’t even exist 10 years ago, now has the power to affect the world’s economy in major ways, just by changes in its search results; quite apart from what it does with the mountain of money it’s amassing. I wonder what the governments and the international banks think of that?

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