If you can’t Digg it, Sphinn it

Danny Sullivan’s Search Engine Land branched out into a new area at the weekend – social networking for SEOs. Since the denizens of Digg decided to bury any vaguely search related topic that came their way in the misguided belief that all SEOs were spammers, there’s been fewer places where you could have search community news and discussions without subscribing to a wide range of blogs or RSS feeds. So Danny’s answer is to build his own version – Sphinn (and yes, no-one seems too sure how to pronounce it).

Danny is widely regarded as the top SEO guru and I’ve no doubt that most decent SEO’s will be queuing up to join anything that has his name on it and which helps their articles gain visibility. Bet the guys at SEOMoz wish they’d thought of it first 😉

Pity the Americans won’t understand any Alastair Campbell jokes…

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